I was born in Dundee, some of my earliest memories being of the windswept, rainy beaches off the east coast of Scotland. I grew up mainly in the ‘oil town’ of Grangemouth on the Firth of Forth, with brief spells in London and Oxford, and a couple of years in Florence, Italy. I moved down to London with my family in my mid-teens and have lived here ever since, though I of course regularly travel back to Scotland and enjoy exploring the different regions of Italy.

I studied computer science and physics (yes, a science!) at Royal Holloway, University of London, in the small Surrey town of Egham. Whilst there, I wrote the first draft of Jennifer Brown and the Dagger. After graduating, I began work in the financial technology (‘fintech’) industry, centred around the City of London.

In my ever-shrinking spare time, I also enjoy tango dancing, swimming, and reading (of course!), as well as being active in local politics.

You can read more in my FAQ.